Extensive range of professional services

Extensive range of professional services

Data Visualization

You need to transform your tabular data into visual displays using all types of graph, charts, and maps so that it can be easily comprehended by investors & clients among others.

Sales Analytics Services

Analyzing your data with the direct aim of boosting your sales, generating leads, analyzing performance, and much more.

Customer Analytics Services

From demographic data to customer segmentation, we’ll analyze purchasing habits, consumer behavior, target markets, and whole array of customer-driven information.

Descriptive Data Analytics

We’ll help you make sense of your historical data, make sure you truly understand all that happened in the past, make the necessary comparisons, to learn the relevant lessons.

Predictive Data Analytics

Our team uses historical data to predict the future, such as preparing next year’s budget, predicting demand of visitors to your hotel next summer, or place inventory orders for real-time supply chain management.

Prescriptive Data Analytics

Tripathon Data science commits to using data to give you recommendations that can boost performance – For example we can advise which plant should make which product, or how production sequencing should be managed.

Data Quality Management

Our data engineers will make sure your data is accurate & complete, with all the necessary checks & balances in place, to help you make the necessary business decisions.

Data Collection Infrastructure Setup

Have you been running certain aspects of your business on memory or gut feeling? We can introduce scanners, cameras, sensors, machines, and software to gather & store all types of data.

It’s time for your company to understand that your hidden gem is your data.

Business Process Automation Solutions

Are certain aspects of your business processes outdated & repetitive? Have you thought of automatically pushing data from your ecommerce store to your accounting system, or to automatically assign tasks to your team based on whose free?

Competitive Intelligence Analytics

How much information have you gathered and filtered about your competitors to remain in the lead? Are you using such reports to optimize your social media strategy or to know what rates to sell at?

Data Mining Services

Let’s look at raw data and extract useful trends to analyze investment trend in stocks & bonds, or let’s investigate search histories to make discounts on popular products. The opportunities are endless.

Data Security

From data encryption to prevention of data loss to making sure you are GDPR compliant, we understand the centrality of data security to your business.

Data Engineering

Our data engineers are constantly creating, testing, and maintaining entire data systems, including pushing data from your CRM or from third party sources into your data warehouse for further analysis.

Machine And Deep Learning Services

Lets develop the algorithms that can automatically recommend products to your website visitors based on their past purchases. Or how about moving you towards dynamic pricing of your products?

Natural Language Processing Services

What if we let your HR process which candidates to interview based on automatic reading of keywords on their CV’s? What if we could save the time your team waste replying the same questions repeatedly when an automated chat service can reduce your staff expenses?

Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Solutions

Does your insurance company want to automatically filter fraudulent claims? What if we let your bank process customer onboarding with AI?

Extensive range of specialty and niche industry practices.